a wide range of remapping services

improve performance & efficiency

From standard remaps to full custom files & flame tunes – DH Tuning are proud to offer our customers a range of expert remapping services from our location in Ely

Book in today & see why we’re quickly becoming the favourite remapping solution of Cambridgeshire




Improve throttle response & overall drivability, making your car a pleasure to drive


Whether you're trying to get off the line a bit quicker, or make passing on the motorway a breeze - you're sure to notice the difference




By maximising the efficiency of the combustion, you can get more mileage for the same amount of fuel!*

Smooth Response

Smoothing out the range of responsiveness gives you finer control over your car, promoting economic driving



Flame Tunes

Whether you're looking to win attention at shows, or add a subtle burn to your shifts, our flame tunes will get you there

Launch Control

Trying to be first off the line? Our rev limiting launch control maps can help you get the perfect start.

Pops & bangs

From subtle overrun to full-volume bangs, we can help map your vehicle to get the noise you want

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