ECU Mapping In Ely

Unlock Your Car's Full Potential

Whether it's for performance or economy, DH Tuning's custom ECU remaps will transform how your car drives, in as little as an hour!

0% Finance Available
Pay just 25% of the bill today and spread the rest over 3 months. NO interest, NO fees & NO catch.
15% - 52% More Power
Unleash your car’s full potential & get access to all the power & responsiveness it’s capable of! With our Stage 1 – 3 remapping services you can expect a power gain of up to 40%.
Increase Economy

Optimise the way your engine is fuelled, helping boost your vehicles economy & efficiency

ECU Remapping By DH Tuning

Unlock the true potential of your vehicle with DH Tuning's cutting-edge ECU remapping services in Ely. With software fuelled by years of development and testing, we specialize in optimising the settings for your specific make and model of vehicle, using the latest software available on the market. Our remaps are designed to be as individual as your vehicle, tailored to meet your unique requirements and deliver exceptional performance gains.

We Can Do It All

We offer a wide range of tuning & coding services - from limiter removal & launch control  to DPF & EGR deletes, if you need something mapping, you need DH Styling

We Support All Major Manufacturers


More, For Less.

How It

The thought of us spending an hour or so with your car resulting in performance & economy increases might seem too good to be true, so how does it work?


Performance remapping enhances power by adjusting the ECU, optimising fuel mix and ignition timing, leading to a more potent and responsive engine.


Similarly to how more performance is gained, optimising the air / fuel ratio & timing allows for a more efficient burn, meaning more energy for less fuel.

Pops, Bangs & Flames

Pops and bangs, or flame tunes, are achieved by delaying fuel ignition, causing excess fuel to ignite in the exhaust, resulting in the distinctive pop /bang sounds

The Process

Remapping involves connecting to your car's ECU through its OBD port, adjusting the engine map with software to optimise performance as required.

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We aim to make the process as straightforward & convenient as possible - with the tools & knowledge we need to complete a quality map in as little as 45 minutes!

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Once the map is complete & everything is ok, we'll take the remaining payment & leave you with more power, economy & performance!

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